For your ease, we offer a wide variety of forms and instructions for our in-office procedures. You may download and print the following PDFs to help you prepare for your upcoming appointment.

Preparing for surgery:

Please review the following guidelines to help you and your family better prepare for your upcoming procedure.

Information on rescheduling surgery

Outpatient surgery instructions

Inpatient surgery instructions

Medication guidelines

Postoperative instructions for LEEP or Laser of Cervix

Postoperative instructions for hysteroscopy, D&C, endometrial ablation

Postoperative instructions for operative pelviscopy including tubal ligation

Postoperative instructions for hysterectomies – TVH, LAVH, laparoscopic

Postoperative instructions for TVT

Postoperative instructions for inpatient procedures

Bowel prep and liquid diet instructions

Release of Information:

If you would like your records transferred from another practice to Capital Womens Care, or would like forms from Capital Womens Care transferred to another practice, please print and sign the appropriate document below.

We will release your records to the requested recipient 14 days following the receipt of your completed release form. To obtain records from another practice, we fax your release form to your former practice and wait for their approval and further instructions.

Release of information to Capital Womens Care

Release of information from Capital Womens Care




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